FOX Analytics Equipment OÜ implements automation of any production sections. We introduce high tech automatic control systems of technological processes (ACS TP) at the enterprises and plants, beginning from local control automation of individual processes (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) to comprehensive automation.
We supply advanced solutions for automatic control systems of technological processes (ACS TP):

  • development of automatic control systems, ACS TP;
  • designing automatic control systems on turnkey terms;
  • production processes modernization;
  • control systems development;
  • selection of full set of equipment — from actuators and transducers to conveyors and robots;
  • production processes automation and control systems of technological processes;
  • assembly of control and power cabinets;
  • individual development of conveyors and processing centers;
  • visualization of technological processes for more effectiveness of dispatching and control;
  • technical support of controllers.

Solutions for driving equipment:

  • replacement of direct current motor by asynchronous motors with variable-frequency drives;
  • selection of asynchronous motors, servomotors for new projects;
  • realization of projects covering positioning, measuring, tracking, tension, etc.
  • driving equipment modernization;
  • supply of frequency converters.

We develop individual high tech solutions aimed at efficiency increasing. Comprehensive automation includes automation of every section — beginning from compressor house to storage facilities.